Mojo 🔥 — the programming language for all AI developers.

Mojo combines the usability of Python with the performance of C, unlocking unparalleled programmability of AI hardware and extensibility of AI models.

Mojo is a new programming language that bridges the gap between research and production by combining the best of Python syntax with systems programming and metaprogramming.

With Mojo, you can write portable code that’s faster than C and seamlessly inter-op with the Python ecosystem.

Available on Mac 🍎, Linux, and Windows (WSL)

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The Next Big Step in Mojo🔥 Open Source

March 28, 2024

At Modular, open source is ingrained in our DNA. We firmly believe for Mojo to reach its full potential, it must be open source. We have been progressively open-sourcing more of Mojo and parts of the MAX platform, and today we’re thrilled to announce the release of the core modules from the Mojo standard library under the Apache 2 license!

We have always believed that building Mojo in the open will lead to a better result, because it allows its design to be shaped by the feedback from the broader community. We released Mojo very early and have been driving steady improvements since May of 2023 (see the changelog). Building a language and its infrastructure is hard work and takes time, and we’re excited to move from sharing our work to collaborating with Mojo developers worldwide.

Mojo🔥 SDK v0.7 now available for download!

January 25, 2024

Mojo SDK v0.7 is the first big release of Mojo🔥 in 2024, and it’s chock full of new language and standard library feature goodness.

What’s New in Mojo SDK v0.7?

New Mojo language and standard library features

New Mojo CLI and language server features

Learn more blog post, For a complete list of what’s new, what’s changed, what’s removed, and what’s fixed in this release, be sure to check out the changelog in the Mojo documentation.


Write everything in one language

Write Python or scale all the way down to the metal. Program the multitude of low-level AI hardware. No C++ or CUDA required.

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Unlock Python performance

Utilize the full power of the hardware, including multiple cores, vector units, and exotic accelerator units, with the world's most advanced compiler and heterogenous runtime. Achieve performance on par with C++ and CUDA without the complexity.

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PARALLELIZATION Mojo leverages MLIR, which enables Mojo developers to take advantage of vectors, threads, and AI hardware units.

PYTHON Single-threaded execution

MOJO 🔥 Parallel processing across multiple cores



Access the entire Python ecosystem

Experience true interoperability with the Python ecosystem. Seamlessly intermix arbitrary libraries like Numpy and Matplotlib and your custom code with Mojo.

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Upgrade your models and the Modular stack

Easily extend your models with pre and post-processing operations, or replace operations with custom ones. Take advantage of kernel fusion, graph rewrites, shape functions, and more.

MODEL EXTENSIBILITY Mojo can upgrade the existing operations in your model.


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Mojo is still a work in progress, but it's available to try today via our Mojo SDK. Run through tutorials and write your own Mojo code.

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